custom wedding rings online

Custom Wedding Rings Online

If one size doesn’t fit all, why should one generically-designed wedding ring fit all? Just like every couple out there, you’re unique too, from your personalities to your relationship, so getting a ring that reflects this uniqueness is a great way to add an even more personal touch to your wedding day.

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How do you get your rings to reflect this? Hello, customization! One of the easiest, most time-saving ways to get rings that will forever be conversation starters is to opt for custom wedding rings online.

We completely understand the enormity of putting your rings in someone else’s hands—the design could be messed up, your rings may arrive late or damaged and you may be charged unnecessarily. To save you all this trouble, we’ve put together three brands that are the go to for custom wedding rings online. Here goes!

The Best Custom Wedding Rings Online


Each wedding ring from Angara is custom made when the order is placed. This not only ensures that you get the right fit, but that you can also customize the ring with respect to gemstone quality, ring size, the total carat weight and your preferred metal.

Angara offers a wide array of options—over 40 gemstones, 18 designs, 15 gemstone shapes and 8 metals. However, each ring’s customization is limited to the options offered by the brand. Therefore, you can only tweak an existing design and not get your ring designed from scratch by the brand.

Kobelli Rings

Every ring from California-based ‘Kobelli Rings’ is a work of art! Their gorgeous wedding rings are worth the relatively high price tags, spanning a range of gemstones and metals, including a wide collection of alternative metal rings (titanium, elysium, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel and zirconium). Unlike Angara, you can get Kobelli’s design team to create a custom ring from scratch for you, or have one of their designs tweaked. They also offer engraving and signet rings.

Super Jeweler

Super Jeweler rounds off our list of the best brands for custom wedding rings online. Known for their excellent prices and wide range of designs, Super Jeweler can create a ring from scratch for you, have one of their existing designs tweaked, or even create a competitor’s design for you at a better price and with careful attention to detail!

The brand offers diamond name rings, signet rings, alternative metal rings and plain bands with an engraving. The engraving is free of cost and high quality, with a range of cool fonts to choose from.

The Final Word

Going the not-very-tried-and-tested way may seem quite risky, but when it pays off, there’s nothing like it! With these brands, we can assure you that your risks will pay off and you’ll be left with beautiful, personalized rings to mark your “I do”s.

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