custom rubber wedding rings

Custom Rubber Wedding Rings

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Alternative metals and metal substitutes have been making waves in the wedding industry, emerging as cheap options that still look like a million bucks! If you’re working on a rather tight budget but don’t want to compromise on the beauty, durability and comfort that a higher-end wedding ring would give you, say hello to custom rubber wedding rings!

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What? A rubber wedding ring? We kid you not. If we’ve sold you on the idea or at the very least, piqued your curiosity, check out our top recommended brand for your custom rubber-ring needs.

The Best Custom Rubber Wedding Ring Brand


Los-Angeles-based Kobelli, founded by jewelry designer Kobe Klatz, is one of the premier jewelry brands out there. Though their range of lovely wedding rings will probably have you tempted to go the gold-and-diamonds way, their excellent customization services will have you stick with rubber!

To start with, you can book a free consultation with Kobelli’s design team to discuss making your dream design a reality. You can share pictures, discuss the details and tell their trusty team what you have in mind. You can either choose to have a design from their catalog modified or have your own designed from scratch. If you have your heart set on a design (from their catalog or otherwise) that’s sold out, Kobelli will manufacture it for you again and perfectly!

Once you arrive at a final design, Kobelli charges a non-refundable $175 deposit to cover the computer-aided design (CAD) rendering fee. This rendering is sent to you for your final approval and if all holds good, the brand prints out a wax model of the design. These can’t be shipped to you because of their delicate nature, but photos/videos are emailed on request.

After this, comes the last step—manufacturing your unique rings! Kobelli’s experienced in-house artisans put your ring together and voila! Your custom rubber wedding rings are ready to be exchanged.

The whole process, from consultation to final shipping, can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

Parting Words

As you can see, it’s never been easier to get your own custom rubber wedding rings. Where earlier, high-end brands would turn their noses up at the mere mention of ‘rubber’ in the same sentence as ‘wedding ring’, brands like Kobelli recognize the popularity and scope of such rings. While rubber rings don’t feature in their collection, they definitely do a great job of customizing one for you, so go Kobelli for your own beautiful rubber wedding rings!

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