custom unique wedding rings

Custom Unique Wedding Rings

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For a special day that marks and celebrates your wonderful love story, you may not just want any run-of-the-mill ring. Though many brands sell excellent designs, buying these readymade designs can be troubling—they’re ultimately impersonal. Or that ring you finally zeroed in on after infinite hours of browsing through catalogs may be sold out. Or the fit may be horrible. And you can never be 100% assured that no other couple in the world is wearing your design! One of the best ways to ensure that you and your partner exchange unique rings? Get them customized!

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Many brands offer customized wedding rings and of all these, Angara, Kobelli and Super Jeweler stand out for their excellent service and ability to capture exactly what you need in metal. Read on to know how to get your custom unique wedding rings from these top brands!

The Best Custom Unique Wedding Rings


Newsweek’s no.1 online jewelry brand has one of the most extensive collections of wedding rings out there that have satisfied many a customer, but if you want something customized, the brand is game.

Each ring from Angara is anyway custom made when orders are placed, so you’re always assured of the fit, quality and other details you’ve requested (such as engraving, choice of stone and so on) being fulfilled perfectly.


California-based Kobelli offers one-of-a-kind rings to mark your one-of-a-kind love story. You can book a free consultation with their design team and make your dream ring a reality.

The brand also has a store of designs you can modify and add your own flavors too, but in case you have a heart set on a ring that’s sold out, no problem—they’ll craft it for you, down to the tiniest detail! They also offer to engrave on the rings.

Super Jewelers

At Super Jewelers, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to customization. The brand offers free engraving, tons of cool fonts to choose from and a lifetime guarantee on its high-quality products. They do diamond name rings, signet rings, wedding-band engravings and even customized alternative metal rings!

The Bottom Line

If you were wondering where to get your custom unique wedding rings from, you now know. Don’t waste time; head on over to one of these brands to get yourself a ring as unique as your love!

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