best wedding ring for welders

Best Wedding Ring for Welders

A wedding ring is a very important piece of jewelry that a man will wear for his lifetime. And, if you are a welder and work with your hands a lot, a common question asked when shopping for a wedding ring is, “which is the best wedding ring for welders?” The type of metal that you choose for your wedding band is extremely important.

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Wearing a wedding ring everyday on your job, especially if you work with your hands, can be a cause of safety concern. However, if you work as a welder using tools or at a construction site or are a mechanic doing a lot of engine work, where your ring can potentially get caught, then you must choose a wedding band that is durable and suits your look, as well as your lifestyle, both when you’re on and off the job.

If you work as a welder, it is a good idea to avoid wearing your wedding ring while you work. It is definitely a good idea to avoid rings or bands made of precious metals such as platinum, gold, silver and black tungsten because they scratch very easily and can get damaged when you’re working.

What Is the Best Wedding Ring for Welders?

If you are a welder, wearing a wedding ring may not be so much of a safety concern while welding if you’re wearing safety gloves. However, often welders continue to wear their rings during other processes such as cutting, grinding, etc. which may be a cause of concern.

If you insist on wearing a wedding band while working, then we recommend that instead of a wedding band made of precious metal, you could opt for one made of tungsten carbide. These are scratch resistant. Also, tungsten carbide rings can be shattered or fractured easily if sufficient force is applied and in the event of an emergency, they can be broken off and removed easily.

You could also consider wearing wedding rings made of other non-traditional materials like ceramic, Kevlar, etc. Another option is to wear a silicone band. These are non-conductive and if they snag onto something, they will come apart easily.

In conclusion, the best wedding rings for welders are the ones that are not only eye catching but are also durable, hardwearing, safe and will withstand the rigors of your job.

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